Balkán-Stein Ltd.: Stone trading and constructing

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Balkán-Stein Ltd., as family enterprise:

We established the Balkan-Stein Ltd. in 1995 on strength of about 20 years of experience of professional practice. Our main-profile is selling and constructing stone at face-works and on flooring. Nathless we handle over and above consulting and planning. Our companys development was in the last years powerful and dynamical; nowadays we can say, we have a standing clientage. Our present showroom works since 2002 in Budaörs. The closeness of Budapest and the good traffic-possibilities ensure a standing attendance. We have a warehouse of 1000 m2 area, which can cover the fast and correct serving. We purchase our materials from Bulgarian and Turkey. In the last years we got into shape a good contact with the bulgarian and the turkish quarries, this is, why they fit us with the best-quality stones. Of course it is very important for us, to offer our stone with different surface-handlings: sand-blasted, tumbled, stockhammered, sawn, honed, polished and of course different chemicals can be used at the surface-planning. Our company is a family-enterprise and we keep this form real consciously. Because of this we can hold a friendly and direct contact with the costumers. This is important for us, such a good atmosphere to effactuate, where You can feel at home.

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